First Toe Touch

Published January 27, 2020 by caitlinroseford

Touching toes – definitely not something that we can all do, CP Diplegian or otherwise. You can see what this means to her, us and Gareth too.

Kt is now 10.5 yrs and this video demonstrates the work she has put in over the years. Under the longterm guidance of Move4Sport’s S&C coach Gareth Shelbourne, Kt has now achieved another loooongterm goal.

Subsidising her weekly work with Gareth, Kt has been using our home vibration plate to help core balance, stretching and endurance every day for one month so far.

We’ll continue to find innovative ways to adapt her routines to her growing body, feisty character and busy lifestyle.

The long grass

Published May 12, 2019 by caitlinroseford

Trying to continue her great cycling learning, Caitlin made it round the 1.5 miles of Kenley’s Aerodrome yesterday morning.

We stopped and reset as required. Here she is on the last bit; tired but still enjoying the freedom and independence cycling can bring.

Keep going, Twinkle! – very proud mum and dad x