Caitlin’s mission began over a year ago…

Published August 28, 2012 by Caitlin Rose

The mission was to reach her physical potential. Her challenge everyday is to get her body, notably her legs, to do what they would rather not. At three years old that involves a great deal of moving!

In early 2011 we had our concerns confirmed by an experienced private physiotherapist…Kt was suffering from Diplegia, a common manifestation of Cerebral Palsy. Probably brought on by early birth complications at just 30 weeks.

Since recovering from this blow, we have not looked back. In fact we’ve hardly had time to! Clever, cheeky and chatty, Kt is very determined, single minded and territorial about her independence.

We are so impressed by her desire to try everything that we believe her to be just about as strong a candidate for SDR as any child we have seen.


We hope to capture and report all the events, emotions and landmarks of her journey pre and post SDR on these pages.


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