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Kt meets Xavier…

Published August 26, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

Kt meets Xavier...

This weekend Kt met a charming young man. Xavier, soon to start school like Caitlin in September, recently underwent SDR as well as PERCS. PERCS is an often required op that assists in uncoiling the damage created by spasticity in the heel cord. Hard to tell on this cheeky chap’s face but Xavier had both ops in the one visit to St Louis Children’s Hospital.

Mum Sharanjit was a wealth of info to us on dos and don’ts for our upcoming visit and stay. She was enthusiastic about SDR, our trip there with Caitlin and Xavier’s new future.

Thank you to both of you. X

another thing we hadn’t thought we would see

Published August 14, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

Kt dancing (and with some skill) at the fancy dress party for Bean Around the World. Our little fairy indulged us with some impromptu uprocking.
More reasons to get her this sdr op…the best way currently out there to let her keep her abilities.
She is currently doing:
Hydrotherapy, horseriding, ijoy, cycling, stretching, physio, trampolining, running, lots of walking, hide and seeking with big bro Kj, drawing, landscaping, town planning (sticklebricking)…and large measure of ‘look what i can doing.

Just what wee girls do !!