Caitlin’s Adventure begins

Published September 22, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

0921_ Cpt Nancy Davis kt and kj

Our journey to St Louis was punctuated by:

Kian throwing his arms skyward on takeoff – he loves it like a rollercoaster;

THE MOST obnoxious, sour-faced Passport Control Officer in Atlanta;

Heavy, humid rain in Atlanta causing Kt and Kian to express concern (and not so secret desire) that a tornado was imminent;

A wonderful Captain Nancy Davis (pictured) of the Starshi… of Delta Airlines who badged and kept the kids in awe before take off to St Louis. Kt’s attempt to follow her through the gate pre-boarding was only foiled last minute; and

An incredible St Louis sunset.

Caitlin’s loud “Morning Mum” as she strolled through the living area at 3am this morn did not get the pleasant response it may have deserved. Promptly marched back to bed, we hope she’ll timezonify soon!

Monday is Caitlin’s pre-operation appointment at St Louis Children’s Hospital.

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