We meet Dr Park!

Published September 24, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

So yesterday we all got to meet a very important man……….Dr TS Park, the man who will change Caitlin’s life for the better. Having been around medical people all her working life, it takes someone special to impress Caitlin’s mum and who better than a man who has devoted his working life to helping disadvantaged children achieve their potential. The rest of the Ford 4 were equally impressed, not least Caitlin – who did as she was bid without question or commentary. Astonishing! Who’d have thunk it!! Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of Caitlin with Dr Park as she fell asleep on the couch! We must get one before we go home – it’s quite a custom now 🙂

So Kt may need another surgery (to release her left heel cord) we just need to wait and see. If she does need it we’re in exactly the right place as Dr Dobbs is the best man for the job and there would be no messing about with red tape and lengthy queues in the UK. We do have some great HCPs back home though who understand why we decided to travel to St Louis and continue to support us.

The people in St Louis are friendly in a very natural way that is rather infectious. Tonight we’re off to a baseball game (The Cardinals v Washington Nationals) which will give us a chance to sample more St Louis cheer and give Kian something to tell his classmates about.

We’ve had phenomenal support from friends, family, colleagues, the school (& Caitlin’s ex nursery) and some people we barely knew before have stepped forward to help us fundraise.
The parents on the SDR facebook pages have also been awesome.

Finally, a huge big up and thanks to Sorcha’s friend from University Kathryn Hodgson who ran the Tonbridge half marathon for Caitlin. Not only did she manage to run it all in only 2 hours 2 minutes (awesome achievement – her first half marathon!) but she also smashed her fundraising target!

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