We meet two more important people

Published September 26, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

20130925_pt jackie and kt

Another busy day which started when we met Physio Jackie Bryce ( and her lovely assistant Steve; who videoed Caitlin) Fortunately Caitlin is very competitive so she enjoys physio assessments -and generally  just showing off! She also liked the wall of mirrors and the opportunity to preen!

Caitlin liked Jackie instantly so she’ll be pleased that Jackie is one of her physios post-SDR.

Afterward we went to see Dr Matthew Dobbs. This is the esteemed Orthopaedic Surgeon who performs percutaneous lengthening surgery for many of the children having SDR @ St Louis Children’s Hospital. We had hoped, but were not naive to the possibility, that further surgery would be unnecessary. Dr Dobbs examined both of Kt’s legs and said that although the left gastroc (heel cord) had shortened, the right gastroc was also tight and so he opined that for optimum results both should be done. If the left gastroc only was lengthened, the tightness in the right would become very obvious and hinder Caitlin from developing a heel to toe strike. This is necessary for energy efficient walking. The lengthening itself is less invasive than traditional procedure and recovery is quicker. Dr Dobbs explained everything clearly and did not pressure us to make a decision. We decided though that for Caitlin to develop the best possible gait, that PERCS was better sooner rather than later. So she’ll have this surgery before we leave St Louis.

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