Day 1: Mummy we ARE still going to the zoo aren’t we?

Published September 27, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

We’re 16 hours post-surgery & Caitlin is doing great. The epidural is doing it’s job keeping her comfortable. She’s in discomfort when being turned but that’s to be expected. Whenever she wakes up she asks me “We’re still going to the zoo aren’t we?” lest I forget that this is our plan on discharge from the inpatient ward. 

The little girl in the neighbouring bed is on day 3. She seems fine apart from whenever the nurses go near her! Caitlin is chilled with the nurses & so different compared with how she was when admitted to hospital with chicken pox only 2 months ago.

The resident neurosurgery doctor has been along to see Caitlin this morning and is pleased with how things are going.

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