Day 2: Ouch!

Published September 28, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

Every 4 hours the nurses turn Caitlin. She doesn’t like this at all. In fact it got to the stage where just the mention of being turned had her crying.

Today is also the day when the mattress can be elevated by 30 degrees. Actually the mattress can be elevated up to 85 degrees but most patients can only handle 30. Caitlin only wants 20 degrees elevation but later on can tolerate it a bit higher. This position enables her to eat more comfortably and do essential activities like play Despicable Me!

The catheter leaks (explaining the near empty bag) so rather than re-catheterise,it’s removed. One less tube – bonus!

A difficult night (by comparison with day 1) due to not liking being turned and fleeting nausea (no vomiting yet). For me (mum)still a walk in the park compared to the chicken pox hospital admission back home.

Caitlin is brighter on waking and doesn’t cry when turned 🙂
The Kindle fire is again a saviour and she is currently sliding minions down the slide whilst catching bananas… you do!
Breakfast has been ordered. I made the mistake on the first day here of thinking I’d be clever and order the next day’s breakfast at the same time as dinner. Huge mistake. It all arrived together!

Doctor has been this morning. He’s pleased with how things are going. Tomorrow is a big day. She gets out of bed!

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