Yo! Somebody say ‘roof garden’?

Published September 29, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

Yo! Somebody say 'roof garden'?

It can’t be that too many childrens’ hospitals are better equipped than St Louis Children’s. So far we have discovered 3 gym rehab rooms, a teen room, a sibling room (a kian favourite), play rooms, learn rooms, fishtanks WITH fish on almost all floors, a hanging non stop trainset, interactivity for children of all ages (yes Dads, it’on like D. Kong) on all floors, and space to breath. Today Caitlin found the 8th floor roof garden the highlight of her first journey out of bed.

The 3rd day post op is eventful enough: 6am meds, epidural pain relief taken out of back, more oral meds, disconnect of IV in wrist, Dr Park visit, bedside physio visit, pt room physio.

Tears, demands, pleading, bargaining, time wasting, fear, skyping, and finally M&Ms and smiles as the sun hits her face… pretty flowers and fountains get to work on her mood! She is sleeping now. No cables. Content.

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