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all set for the big day

Published September 26, 2013 by caitlinroseford

all set for the big day

Kt and Princess Linnie, this morning set for sdr. She is currently in theatre and will be for the next few hours.

Her operation was scheduled for 11am, an even younger person being in before her. She was upbeat all morning, so cute when they gave her a relaxant exclaiming “my voice sounds funny” and about the nurse having three eyes.

We are now in the waiting room receiving hourly updates on progress. The staff are excellent, kj is ok, and her parents trying to stay busy.

Thank you all for your thoughts and best wishes.

We meet two more important people

Published September 26, 2013 by caitlinroseford

20130925_pt jackie and kt

Another busy day which started when we met Physio Jackie Bryce ( and her lovely assistant Steve; who videoed Caitlin) Fortunately Caitlin is very competitive so she enjoys physio assessments -and generally  just showing off! She also liked the wall of mirrors and the opportunity to preen!

Caitlin liked Jackie instantly so she’ll be pleased that Jackie is one of her physios post-SDR.

Afterward we went to see Dr Matthew Dobbs. This is the esteemed Orthopaedic Surgeon who performs percutaneous lengthening surgery for many of the children having SDR @ St Louis Children’s Hospital. We had hoped, but were not naive to the possibility, that further surgery would be unnecessary. Dr Dobbs examined both of Kt’s legs and said that although the left gastroc (heel cord) had shortened, the right gastroc was also tight and so he opined that for optimum results both should be done. If the left gastroc only was lengthened, the tightness in the right would become very obvious and hinder Caitlin from developing a heel to toe strike. This is necessary for energy efficient walking. The lengthening itself is less invasive than traditional procedure and recovery is quicker. Dr Dobbs explained everything clearly and did not pressure us to make a decision. We decided though that for Caitlin to develop the best possible gait, that PERCS was better sooner rather than later. So she’ll have this surgery before we leave St Louis.

We meet Dr Park!

Published September 24, 2013 by caitlinroseford

So yesterday we all got to meet a very important man……….Dr TS Park, the man who will change Caitlin’s life for the better. Having been around medical people all her working life, it takes someone special to impress Caitlin’s mum and who better than a man who has devoted his working life to helping disadvantaged children achieve their potential. The rest of the Ford 4 were equally impressed, not least Caitlin – who did as she was bid without question or commentary. Astonishing! Who’d have thunk it!! Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of Caitlin with Dr Park as she fell asleep on the couch! We must get one before we go home – it’s quite a custom now 🙂

So Kt may need another surgery (to release her left heel cord) we just need to wait and see. If she does need it we’re in exactly the right place as Dr Dobbs is the best man for the job and there would be no messing about with red tape and lengthy queues in the UK. We do have some great HCPs back home though who understand why we decided to travel to St Louis and continue to support us.

The people in St Louis are friendly in a very natural way that is rather infectious. Tonight we’re off to a baseball game (The Cardinals v Washington Nationals) which will give us a chance to sample more St Louis cheer and give Kian something to tell his classmates about.

We’ve had phenomenal support from friends, family, colleagues, the school (& Caitlin’s ex nursery) and some people we barely knew before have stepped forward to help us fundraise.
The parents on the SDR facebook pages have also been awesome.

Finally, a huge big up and thanks to Sorcha’s friend from University Kathryn Hodgson who ran the Tonbridge half marathon for Caitlin. Not only did she manage to run it all in only 2 hours 2 minutes (awesome achievement – her first half marathon!) but she also smashed her fundraising target!

Caitlin’s Adventure begins

Published September 22, 2013 by caitlinroseford

0921_ Cpt Nancy Davis kt and kj

Our journey to St Louis was punctuated by:

Kian throwing his arms skyward on takeoff – he loves it like a rollercoaster;

THE MOST obnoxious, sour-faced Passport Control Officer in Atlanta;

Heavy, humid rain in Atlanta causing Kt and Kian to express concern (and not so secret desire) that a tornado was imminent;

A wonderful Captain Nancy Davis (pictured) of the Starshi… of Delta Airlines who badged and kept the kids in awe before take off to St Louis. Kt’s attempt to follow her through the gate pre-boarding was only foiled last minute; and

An incredible St Louis sunset.

Caitlin’s loud “Morning Mum” as she strolled through the living area at 3am this morn did not get the pleasant response it may have deserved. Promptly marched back to bed, we hope she’ll timezonify soon!

Monday is Caitlin’s pre-operation appointment at St Louis Children’s Hospital.

The SQUAD LOG REPORT: London to Brighton Ride – Sept 8

Published September 9, 2013 by caitlinroseford


L-R: Mick, Conor, Dwight, Mitch, El, Caitlin, Kev


Mile 1: Kev has 1st team puncture! Dwight expresses pressing need for a dump. El’s fro wig has dew on it

Mile 13: Chipstead Hill – hurt but good, Dwight still carrying ‘excess baggage’

Mile 20: Church Hill – Like Churchill himself might have done, we stuck two fingers up at that too. Dwight see horse taking ‘tail-lifting’ relief in adjacent field – envy. We ride ahead of him. Mitch and Conor, the two fast riders set out from start to catch us. These RoadKings set an all Conquering pace.

Mile 31: Turners Hill – 40 min Lunch. Dwight finally gets his drop his personal log, mankini causing delay! El’s fro now dried out is attracting a lot of attention and a lot of wind drag. Quick boys have their own puncture dilemma 500m out from the Lunch stop!!

Mile 43: Prep for Ditchling Beacon – Mankini Dwight, his Tights now 7lb lighter, is like a mountain goat and flies far ahead. Mick drops the Hammer and follows. El Cramps in two places on same leg –typical.

Mile 46-47: Ditchling Beacon – so vertical in parts the front wheel lifts. Mick tails Dwight up the mountain only walking last 100 yards to top, Kev stops once, recalibrates, then rides all the way over, El is absolutely ***** but refuses to walk and gets over with one stop. No sign yet of our 2 speedy pursuers.

Mile 50: Mitch and Conor, the two chasers swoop by on the decent into Brighton. Suitably unfazed by the torturous last 50 miles, they look as fresh as they started!

Finish line: We link up for the last 7 miles and cross the line together in the Brighton sunshine. Miss Caitlin Rose was there to greet us with mum Sorcha.

Followed by well earned beer and meat-based fare for all. Punishing but wonderfully rewarding.

Thank you for supporting us all so well!!