Day 5: Discharge!

Published October 2, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

A good night’s sleep last night and a good physio session this morning. Almost back to her usual curious, adventurous self – wanting to try out different things in the physio gym. Lovely to see.

We were given knee immobilisers which will be worn each night and sometimes in the day (during growth spurts) to keep a good stretch in the legs.

After receiving the feedback from her pre-op physio assessment ( which scored her higher than in the UK) we headed off to the hospital pharmacy to collect Diazepam. No this is not for Caitlin’s mum on the return flight home –  she has her own supply!  This is for muscle spasms that Caitlin may experience in the early weeks post-SDR. 

We were all happy to be back at the hotel and celebrated by heading out to a local Italian restaurant called Vito’s. Unfortunately Caitlin fell asleep before the food arrived but we took it back with us and she enjoyed it later. Kian enjoyed his spaghetti & meatballs exclaiming “I so needed that”! Kids have missed pasta.

Early start tomorrow – physio at 8am! Good night all 🙂 

2 comments on “Day 5: Discharge!

  • To all of you,

    We have thoroughly enjoyed reading Caitlin’s blog, what a very brave family you all are. How very proud you must be of Kian, for being such a fantastic big bro and dear little, sweet Caitlin. It is so delightful to see how well she is recovering. The pics are fantastic to see.

    Lots of love
    Jnr, Nikki, Alliyah and Alicia

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