Day 6: Caitlin you SHALL go to the zoo

Published October 4, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

Early physio session at the hospital with Mad Mike Kenyon. I don’t quite know how he musters that much energy at 8am but I’ll have whatever he’s having! Caitlin started the session crying. I felt like crying too – think we all did. We’d have all loved an extra hour in bed. But Mike managed to win her over with jokes and pictures of his “puppy dog” who <whispers> is not actually a puppy as he’s 4 years old! He showed Caitlin how to roll – she’d had us up in the night asking us to turn her. She then managed to side sit and climb up on to the therapy mat. Her supported steps were better, as was her posture when sitting in a chair. 

We decided to walk to the zoo after. A nice stroll through Forest Park – or so we thought. We regretted it at a point where we could not turn back. What had started as a pleasantly warm morning became an intensely hot scorcher of a day. No sun hats between us, no shorts – I’m sure motorists passing by must have known we were tourists. Not only were we in inadequate attire but we were walking! We’ve seen runners a plenty but walking is not something that seems to be popular here in St Louis.

The zoo was great but Caitlin missed the first 90 minutes as she was fast asleep. Caitlin, once awake, liked the giraffes best. There were 3 – a mummy, daddy and child we suspected. The highlight of the trip was seeing a gorilla come running over to the viewing window beating his chest and punching the window – aimed at Irwin!!! Don’t think he liked Irwin staring st him. The other people watching were so pleased to have seen such a show. Irwin stepped away from the window – just in case!

A tiring day in the heat. We took  a nap when we got back to the hotel.



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