Day 8: Physio with firm favourite Jackie

Published October 6, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

Caitlin has a penchant for pretty blonde physiotherapists. She has one back home (Lucy) and now Jackie here in St Louis. Instant like both times – of course their interpersonal skills may also be relevant I suppose! 
Caitlin did some good walking on the treadmill – some feat what with the heavy casts on her feet & legs. We were proud of her. She finished the therapy with a lap of honour on the bike. It's become her favourite thing.
Afterward we went to the inpatient playroom which Caitlin had not been able to enjoy before as she was too sore & frail. She enjoyed it today though 🙂
We explored the Euclid area of St Louis afterward and found a nice restaurant where we could eat outside and enjoy the hot but not too sunny weather.
Looking forward to a weekend off. Physio is tiring for us all!

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