Final meet with Dr TS Park MD

Published October 14, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

In a nutshell, a big thumbs up from Dr Park this morning. As Kian is suffering with a fever and jaw pain, only Daddy and Caitlin set out for an early meet with the revered Dr Park. Caitlin showed off her walking with only her shirt being held for support. He liked what he saw and said she will not need review until 3-6 months from now. We need to work the stretching but the strength will come from a child’s natural inability to sit still!

He said he remained ‘neutral’ on whether she should be serial cast this week and left it to us to discuss with physio therapists in the afternoon appt.

This is good news. Caitlin has been enjoying more freedom since the last set of casts were removed and we are eager to build on this confidence.

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