in for the long stretch

Published October 29, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

in for the long stretch

Seems like we haven’t been on here for a while now but put that down to: week 1 jetlag – no National Rail, you did not help; an incredibly untidy house (it’s all true about the tidying with kids around…really true), and of course our all new Kt-physio-based lives.

Five times a week she undergoes varying forms of body manipulation and exercise. Apart from this her – how shall we call it – powerful sense of independence is driving constant mini gains while the strength learning goes on else where. Her new flexibility is awesome and dreams that would have been impossible seem A LOT less so. This stretch in the pic above was absolutely impossible pre SDR; her adductors (look it up) were steel cords that could not move outward for anything; her achilles would not allow her ankles anywhere near 90ยบ. Her hands could barely touch over her head, such was the tension in her shoulders as her body fought tooth and nail against the CP caused tightness. SDR has unlocked the potential and she’s working hard to make the most of it.

Slippers. These are her very first pair of slippers and she adores putting them on. They would never have stayed on pre SDR.

Can you tell she’s chuffed? ๐Ÿ™‚

One comment on “in for the long stretch

  • Wow Caitlin- well done my wee niece. You are doing so very well-Uncle Mark, Louise, Hannah and I are very proud of you! Lots of love x x x x

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