So where are we then?

Published December 11, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

Caitlin’s Mission has had a busy year and witnessed a good deal:

  • The demoralisation in May when having to admit that a UK-based SDR operation at Great Ormond Street was simply not the best solution for Caitlin…after 2 years of pursuit and trying to support and extract the very best from the NHS
  • The speedy switch to Dr Park’s US-based offering
  • The fundraising and the organisations that helped us get this off the ground
  • The support from her school, local businesses and local heroes
  • The unrivalled care and understanding of her fun-loving big bro
  • The incredible support we received from loving family, friends and individuals literally all over the world
  • The superb physios, occ therapists and neuro consultants who are still supporting and assisting Caitlin
  • The emotional trip to St Louis
  • The incredible team that Dr Park has assembled…

The list really goes on a bit…Caitlin’s Mission is a bit tired!
We’re also excited, determined and so immensely grateful to have been able to come as far as we have on this journey.

Caitlin is now about 15 weeks post op. She has been able to attend school since her return from the US in October. She wears night splints and leg braces each night to stretch where we could not stretch pre op. She currently attends six physio sessions a week to build her strength which is now nearing pre op levels. Correcting her gait will be the next phase/focus of her rehab; there’s a big overlap. In between this she is doing the ‘other physio’ most children do – the running, tumbling, kicking, yelling, laughing, crying, screaming, bouncing, smiling, cuddling – the general cheekiness you  might expect.

We went to her term parents evening recently to hear that she loves school, reintegrated with the class literally immediately on her return, accesses everything she can with confidence and is a real asset to her class. Given the rest of her busy schedule this is a real credit to the little Miss.

The story continues…

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