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A year post SDR!

Published September 27, 2014 by Caitlin Rose

A year ago Dr Park and his team at St Louis Children’s Hospital gave Caitlin and us the best gift ever – the gift of better posture, greater mobility and improved stamina.
I asked friends to comment on any progress they’d observed and this is what they said:
Louise Palmer
To see her RUN into my arms on Sunday was Amazeballs! She’s a little firecracker!! Xxx
Tania Younkin
I can’t believe it’s been a year! Congrats on all her successes!
Debbie Thomas
Every time we see the infant Dancefuzion group I think how awesome Caitlin’s journey is – to see her perform at the summer fete was such a brilliant achievement.
Jane Speller
Caitlin isn’t defined by mobility issues. She’s running, climbing, being contrary sometimes (!) and blossoming. Seems to me that SDR gave you all hope before the op and a year on it’s giving her wings. She’s independent & strong. And gorgeous. Obviously xxx
Louise Burrow
Well I know I can’t keep up with Caitlin in the playground! She runs rings round me! Amazing progress and wonderful to have been witness to it. She is a true inspiration x
Sarah Ellis
She’s amazing and has handled the challenges of the last year passion and i know you all must be very proud x
Georgina Kelly
Caitlin is an absolute superstar! The way she has achieved every goal is more than impressive, and she does it all with a cheeky grin. Brilliant girl! Xx
Paula Bradley
Watching her when we came up in the March and then seeing her in videos on her since she continues to amaze me with her determination and achievement x x
Joanna Wilson
I see her running to school most days
Iris Naudeer
It has seemed that she had met and surpassed any challenge set to her , she’s shown courage, she’s been brave and she’s proved what sheer determination she has and look at just how much she had achieved!! Wonderful beautiful fearless Caitlin xxx
Anne-Marie Loots
I don’t see Caitlin very often but I’m always amazed by her determination & resilience & the proof is in the videos you post. X
Helen Daykin
Caitlin is an amazing little being. Her confidence, stubbornness and positive attitude has helped her to make the giant steps in progress that she has made in the last year, on the back of her wonderfully successful operation. I love to see her latest achievements each time we catch up – running, hopping, skipping, dancing – and she is proud of them and always practising to get even better. She inspires us all. Xx
Caitlin’s self-appraisal: “I can run faster, jump higher and hop”
Our only regret is that Caitlin’s beloved granny is no longer with us to share the celebration, not least because her love and care prepped Caitlin so well for the challenges that lay ahead.
1/3 way through the rehab schedule. Woo hoo 🙂

Watch “Bunk up” on YouTube

Published September 27, 2014 by Caitlin Rose

Bunk up:

One year on to the day since her SDR operation with Dr TS Park and the SLCH team and Kt has managed to successfully navigate the bunk ladder. She is also getting used to the pool and swam a bit underwater today.

It’s small constant goals/improvements like these; the running all the way to school, the beautiful seated posture…and the thought of how she might be without all the support we have received. We feel very blessed.