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12 days post PERCS…

Published August 7, 2016 by Caitlin Rose

So we are back in the UK after a troublesome trek via Atlanta. Despite our luggage not being here yet, jet lag tiredness and getting used to high splints, Caitlin has the energy to do some physio play with me. 

It’s largely for this reason that Dr Park’s SDR and Dr Dobbs’ PERCs are really successful with children; the child’s energy propels their recovery and gain so greatly.

Go honey chil’ 🤗

StL 2016 – The Business end. Kt DAY 8 POST GASTROC RECESSION with Molly

Published August 4, 2016 by Caitlin Rose

Caitlin has weathered tummy pain over the past week here in St Louis. It’s meant sleepless nights and numerous toilet trips. Throughout, she’s admirably continued her daily physio therapy schdule despite the discomfort. 

Today the meds kicked in and she felt a good deal better. Her balance, strength and work rate were all greatly improved. Molly took her from treadmill to balance work and Caitlin did not disappoint. Well done little lady xx.