High Roller.

Published February 24, 2019 by Caitlin Rose

This stunning Sunday saw Kt levelling up big time. She bravely worked with Mr Jonathan Spearman Oxx, a highly recommended and patient cycling coach.

Initially Jonathan worked with us to optimise the bike set up, a major challenge in itself as the usual rules don’t apply.

Within the hour he had her starting off, stopping relatively safely and cycling/balancing like this. Quite an achievement. Very well done to Kt for sticking at it! It was exhausting for both of them but a very rewarding outcome.

Ready for another session in two weeks.

3 comments on “High Roller.

  • Wow! Caitlin’s strength of character ( and bodily strength too) never cease to amaze and impress me- I’m a very proud Auntie indeed! Xxx

  • thank you. She is doing excellently!

    The old subconscious muscle training paid off!!

    This is the beginning of something I believed/dreamed she would be able to do when I first attached her old converse to her 1st trike peddles, slid her then dinky but stiff ankles in and started wheeling her around every w-end back when she was 2 in 2010/11. Her wee feet spinning free, without effort, talking about birds, dogs, clousfs trees and planes.

    All the time hoping her mind was slowly connecting with her limbs. Ramsey and Sel always used to tease me about my ‘theories’ well before kids came long. Boom!

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