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A poignant vid on the effects of spasticity

Published February 10, 2013 by caitlinroseford

Brad was 18 in the first half of this video and before SDR. He is two years post SDR in the second half.

As Caitlin is now, he was originally diagnosed as child with moderate diplegia. Despite the many interventions that are linked to the condition – botox, daily physio, standers, hyperbarics, conductive, horse riding – spasticty has taken a great, great toll on his body. By age 11, Brad was wheelchair reliant.

His mum urges that people are not misguided by advisors who state the tone (spasticity) is beneficial to mobility / independence. She hails Brad as living proof that removal of tone and preferably its removal as early as feasible, is the best way to address it. She has nothing but positive words for Dr TS Park and his accuracy both on what Brad would have to put into his post SDR work, what he could expect and in what timeframe.

No quick fixes here but thanks to people like Brad and their supportive families there is so much hope. 🙂 Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to meet Brad at the SDR party this year.