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kt on the bouncer, 7 months post sdr

Published April 12, 2014 by caitlinroseford

Kt on the bouncer. More confident and relaxed movement. Getting up quicker and no excessive tension across the upper body. Her physio squad of Amy, Judith, Lucy and the Diamond Centre riding team have done such a good job in gradually building her strength, stamina and agility.

The charity funds, so kindly donated by so many for this work, is doing so much good.

Published November 25, 2013 by caitlinroseford

Like all post SDR commanders, Kt has a rigorous physiotherapy schedule to fulfill. Here she is after a hard day at the office with physio Judith providing the praise and impetus and trickery that she needs to keep going. 🙂
She currently has 5 varying sessions a week then Dad on Saturdays. This session was an hour – a long time for 4 year olds to do anything let alone this stuff.

Well done little Ms Ford!

A session does not pass by without us saying silent ‘thank yous’ to all those who donated to help this happen. We are so grateful.