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Nice Jumping

Published February 16, 2014 by Caitlin Rose

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Nice Jumping

It’s good to see improvements, big or small, when your 4 year old is working so hard for them. If you look back over the blog it probably shows a fair amount of smiling going on from Caitlin and you could almost mistake the almost daily physio sessions for fun…and they are, up to a point. After a long day at school, with legs weighed down with tiredness, this is not easy. Being taken away from classmates (she loves her class!) to do more stretching, or missing assembly to go to another session does cause that bottom lip to extend into a frown. In general, she puts up minimal fuss and gets on with┬ámaking good use of the wonderful donations she received from so many quarters!

The video shows that she has now acquired the core strength and balance to step down and jump from an average step with control rather than just hope and bravado. We have been working on her standing from a kneeling position, growing those tiny quads and hips! She’s quite chuffed with her new abilities! Another skill she is performing for the first time in her life. Those who had seen her before her SDR operation in St Louis will be well aware that she could not jump well off the floor and stairs were scary. High kneeling was not possible then as the tone through her lower body would not allow it or allow us to strengthen the required muscle set. She’s doing well.

Homeward bound

Published October 20, 2013 by Caitlin Rose

So we were sitting in the foyer at the hotel waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport and suddenly Caitlin just went for it. She walked at least 40 steps! She’s been so frightened to do it & we were feelin a little exasperated as we knew she could do it. Dr Park predicted she would walk before we returned home and he was right!
Caitlin now needs to build strength and confidence so that she can walk independently in all environments and have the stamina to cope with a full school day. This is where her UK physiotherapists come in. Judith & Lucy are great with Caitlin & have supported us in our quest to help Caitlin have a better future. We feel rather lucky about that as some families have not been supported by their healthcare teams. Caring for a physically disabled child is hard work and families need support and guidance.
Caitlin was very pleased with herself and showed off her walking to the ladies working at the front desk. I am so happy now that I’ve seen her so this. Irwin knew she would do it once we stopped putting pressure in her & it seems he was right. Grrrrr! ­čÖé